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Career Coaching with Janet Blount

Put Janet Blount on your team. Schedule one or more personal coaching sessions with Janet and reap these considerable rewards:

  • Set your child on the right course …
  • Know the right questions to ask them …
  • Access the resources to support them …
  • Get answers to your questions …
  • Start your career exploration search with confidence!

Your one-on-one Career Coaching Sessions for parents are tailored to meet your needs. They could include:

  • Help in developing a career exploration approach for your middle or high school child.
  • Customizing the career-focused resources your child needs for personal exploration.
  • If your child has graduated from college, help in developing a job search strategy based on your child’s college major and interests.
  • Ways to overcome challenges your child faces to guide them toward the best career options.

“This information is priceless! You are offering a service that both parents and students need, particularly in these times when job-hunting has become a
job in itself. Everyone needs as much information as possible.”

K.C.., Atlanta, GA

To schedule a personal coaching session via telephone or Skype, contact Janet at

She’ll get back to you with details.