Janet Blount Answers Your Questions About Her Career Exploration Workshop and Coaching For Parents

(1) What is Career Exploration?

Career exploration helps parents and students learn about the world of work and career options. There are two primary ways to explore careers: through investigation or direct experience. The Career Coaching for Students™ program provides information on how to both investigate and experience careers so you can guide your children in the right direction for them.

(2) What can a parent do to help their child explore careers?

Children need their parents to expose them to a variety of careers so they have the opportunity to develop their personal attributes and interests. It is very important for your child to identify their interests. Research shows that those who work in jobs that satisfy their interests tend to be happier, more productive, and stay on the job longer.

(3) Is elementary school too soon to begin career exploration / career awareness activities?

It’s actually the ideal time. Exploring careers does not mean making career decisions. Instead, it means making decisions about career direction and educational goals. Early exploration helps students explore interests and attributes so they can base career decisions on concrete, realistic information.

The advantages of starting career exploration / career awareness activities in elementary school include:

  • Exposing children to career paths they have never considered;
  • Understanding how they feel about various types of work, working conditions and work activities;
  • Discovering the various post-high school education and training options and requirements.
  • Motivating your children to be more interested in educational opportunities and career preparation through high school

(4) What do parents learn in your Career Exploration Workshop?

The Career Exploration Workshop for Parents, Grandparents and Other Caring Adults is a powerful experience that prepares you to be a career exploration advocate for the child you love.

In just two hours it reveals:

  • Ways to encourage career exploration
  • Research options and helpful resources available to you
  • Answers to your most-asked questions
  • Tips to motivate your child in a constructive manner

Learn more about this Workshop here.

(5) Do you offer one-on-one-career coaching for parents?

Yes. We talk via phone and Skype and I address your concerns, answer your questions and provide insights for helping you explore the best career options for your child. To learn more about these personal one-hour sessions, click here.

(6) Why is it important for parents to become career exploration advocates for their children?

Too often, career exploration is hardly addressed by high school counselors. That’s because these hard-working professionals are so busy (1) helping students schedule classes; (2) preparing students for college and standardized tests (SAT, ACT) and (3) dealing with student behavior issues and personal development. In fact, First Lady Michelle Obama discusses the competing priorities school counselors face in her comments at the 2014 American School Counselors Association national conference. Which means it’s up to caring parents and family to pick up the slack and motivate our children toward choosing fulfilling careers:

Listen to First Lady Michelle Obama

(7) What do you charge for your services?

Contact Janet directly at 410-382-0697 or by e-mail janet@careersareus.info for pricing information.

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