Janet Blount’s Career Exploration Services

It can be challenging to ignite students’ imaginations and get them excited about their future careers. Fortunately, you’re not alone. I offer several services to help set your students up for success:

Career Day
Career Day is very important, and although asking parents to come in and speak to their children’s classes seems temptingly easy, it also leaves a significant engagement opportunity to chance. Volunteers are likely to come from a very narrow band, and there’s no assurance that they will provide stirring presentations or be able to inspire your students. Choosing my Career Day service guarantees hand-selected appropriate speakers from different fields for your schools. These diverse professionals receive expert guidance structuring their presentations for maximum effect on student audiences.

Career Exploration-Curriculum Integration
For best results, career exploration should be integrated organically into the curriculum throughout the year. I work directly with teachers and team leaders to find multiple opportunities in lesson plans where we can introduce a variety of careers in an engaging way.

Career Coaching Workshops for Parents
Parents play a vital role in helping their children make career decisions. I help parents identify how to nurture their children’s career interests, access helpful tools, and determine constructive ways to be involved in the career choice process. When you complete a career coaching workshop, you will be able to provide the support and guidance your children need at this critical time.

One-on-One Coaching
Want something more personal, or prefer to meet remotely? One-on-one phone or Zoom consultations are also available.

Ready to set your students up for success?
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